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Welcome to Carol's Corner.
Carol Davis is one of Cat Spring's entreprenuers. We've got several. Always have, always will. Whether it be an immigrant farmer from Germany or other parts of Europe or a modern day rancher and restauranteur, Cat Spring attracts them.


We'd like to tip
our hats to the hard working women
who help make
this country great.

any times at the restaurant I hear the question: “Tell me about Cat Spring, and how did Cat Spring get its name?”

When I tell people that when the Germans came to settle here, there were large cats around and they were spotted at the spring, I get laughs, not believing it. As a matter of fact, there are still reports of sightings of large cats around in the area, so when you're visiting, keep an eye out.


An excerpt from the book The Cat Spring Story, published in 1956, “Near the original settlement (not where Cat Spring is today) is a large spring. It is reported that someone killed a wildcat nearby and is first called Wildcat Spring but was later shortened to Cat Spring (Katzenquelle).

Carol Davis
A Native Texan, Carol Davis was born and reared on a Warda farm and ranch owned by her family since 1875. Warda is one of the State's many German-American communities, and Carol spoke only German before she started school in a one-room parochial school. After graduation from LaGrange High School, she moved to Houston to attend six months of business college before taking a position as a stenographer with the FBI in Washington, D.C.

After two years there, Carol transferred to the Houston FBI Office. While working there days, she attended fours years of night school at McMahon College of Court Reporting, while holding down an evening job as a Spacette (usher) at the Houston Astrodome. In 1971 Carol earned her Court Reporter certification from the Supreme Court of the State of Texas and worked briefly for a small court reporting firm before founding Carol Davis Reporting, Records & Video, Inc. Today the firm is headquartered in Houston, Texas, with reporters stationed also in Dallas, Beaumont, Corpus Christi and the Rio Grande Valley. The company offers a complete range of services for the legal community, including court reporting, videography, records retrieval, civil process service and copy service, and also hosts a videoconferencing site in Houston. Carol's career in reporting has taken her to London, Mexico City, Canada, Germany and across America.

In addition to reporting or overseeing her offices, she operates BlissWood Bed & Breakfast and raises South American Paso Fino horses, American Bison and miniature donkeys at her Lehmann Legacy Ranch in Cat Spring, Texas. She opened Carol's at Cat Spring Restaurant in April of 2003, a country establishment with fine dining in the lodge tradition that turns out dishes from country fare to continental cuisine.

Carol is a member of the Women Chefs and Restaurateurs Association, Les Dames Escoffiers, and Houston Culinary Guild.

Since 1990 Carol has been a major sponsor for the Houston Bar Association Fun Run, benefiting The Center in Houston. She now serves on the Board for the Foundation of The Center. In 1998 she chaired the Live Auction for Houston Children's Charity, supported the annual galas, and has contributed items and stays at her Aspen townhouse to the charity's auction.

In her spare time, Carol squeezes in hobbies of ballroom dancing (she competed nationally for eight years), drawing, gardening, taking flying lessons, and nature appreciation surrounded by her animals.

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