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Where is Cat Spring, Texas?
Cat Spring is about an hour west of Houston just off I-10 and many of our residents commute to Houston or neighboring towns. We're about an hour and a half drive from Austin, and less than 3 hours from San Antonio. Yep, we're right in the middle of the thick of things in Texas in our own little haven. Drop by, we're on the way.

Cat Spring is about as close to heaven as anywhere in Texas gets.

The area is rich in Texas historical attractions including the Stephen F. Austin and the Washington on the Brazos State Parks. Explore the cultural attractions and numerous antique shops in Cat Spring and the nearby communities of Bellville, Sealy, Columbus, New Ulm, Eagle Lake, Richmond, Rosenberg, Round Top, Warrenton, Shelby, Brenham, Chappell Hill, and Winedale.

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